Turnkey ready Business Model
for Founders

Do it like Strato, 1&1, Wix and Co. – Versatile Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) website toolbox

You want to set up your own business on the internet and look for a turnkey ready system with which you can start right away?

Our website toolbox is exactly what you’re looking for. Quite easily become an entrepreneur on the internet with our website toolbox. Everything you need for the administration and financial accounting of your future clients is included in this package (business out of the box)!

Chances for you

– Reach many clients with the website toolbox — as a website is needed by everyone, from private persons and small businesses to corporations.

– Website toolboxes are a well-known concept for most of your potential clients, so no extensive need for explanation is necessary.

– Grow on the internet with an automated business model and achieve steady revenue through your clients’ subscriptions.

– Low risk: You purchase the website toolbox for a one-time fee and don’t need to make further investments in the product.

The toolbox provides the following features

– A system without limitations! Sell as many internet websites as you like, no restrictions!

– You can install the system on almost any server.

– Give a name to your platform according to your ideas and thus let it become unique.

– Included in the platform: PayPal, 2Checkout, MailChimp, Aweber, and GetResponse.

– All websites are suitable for smartphones and tablets as well.

– User-friendly and barrier-free system.

– Built-in statistics tool to measure website visitors.

– Documents incl. statistics: Create lead and contact forms.

– More than 30 templates included.

– More than 100 individual content blocks.

– More than 2,000 icons included that are license-free and upgradeable at any time.

Included in package

– Turnkey ready and unique website toolbox

Additional services

– Installation service is free!

– Coaching and consulting package (details on inquiry)

What you need

– Server with a hoster (>= PHP 5.6 and one data base needed)

– A domain


  • Code : php, MySQL, Lavarel, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3

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